Not all professional cleaning equipment is created the same, just like buying a car there is a great selection and price difference for performance. The key features we look for are the ability to sustain high temperatures (producing more steam vs. water) and high vacuum power. Our truck mounted equipment is the strongest available. Our cleaning equipment is integrated into the van. The van’s engine has been modified to power a PTO that drives the vacuum blower and pressure pump, and the heat generated from the van’s radiator is used to pre-heat the water before it enters the second high pressure heat exchanger. The result is more steam and stronger vacuum that result in a cleaner drier cleaning experience.

Vacuum booster: All of our vans have been specially customized to enable dual vacuum lines to be run from the van that are condensed down to a single line at the house. This configuration maximizes the available vacuum power and provides better extraction at the cleaning tool. The result is cleaner and drier carpets.

Rx 20: This special attachment is a rotary steam cleaning tool that few of our competitors use. We often use this for the 1st cleaning step (sometime called pre-cleaning) since it steams, scrubs, and extracts all at once. The rotary motion works exceptionally well to agitate and deep clean traffic areas; it thoroughly rinses deep penetrating spills and pet spots. It also does a good job extracting pet hair from deep down in the carpet fibers. We normally do not use this tool on level loop carpeting or delicate fibers like wool.

2” wands: Our standard cleaning wands are larger than the industry standard—providing greater airflow and stronger vacuum. The industry standard 1.5” diameter wands are lighter and easier to use, but they dramatically restrict airflow with their thinner diameter (45% smaller).

Dry Master Furniture: Delicate furniture fibers can be tricky to clean—it is very important not to over wet them. We use the latest technology in cleaning attachments to get the best results possible. Traditional tools are similar to a carpet wand that blast the fibers with a water/steam mixture and then vacuum it out. The Dry Master runs a constant stream of hot water past the surface of the fabric. This allows a precise use of more water for cleaning yet leaving the fabric drier because it isn’t being blasted at a high pressure.

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